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This is the home page.

Welcome to Alien Havoc!

Something new for the site! I'm gonna start a fan art page, if anybody visiting the site wishes to submit some of their Alien art, please send them my way. Just read a few rules and information on my Rule Page before sending anything. Thanks so much!

Right now this webpage is a place I post all my alien scans from the 'Alien' comic books. I just started this site, so it will be under construction until I get all my scans uploaded and posted...

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07.20.04 - Added a couple new gallery pages. You can visit them in the Short Run Gallery Page or by clicking on the links here. Aliens: Havoc and Aliens: Hive

07.17.04 - I created a message board for anyone who wishes to leave a comment or question. Or just talk about aliens!

07.05.04 - Started a fan art page, tho haven't received any fan art yet. Probby just submit my own artwork, just so there is something in the page. Anyhoo please write me and send some fan art! Also I will except Predator Fan Art as well!

07.02.04 - Added new page called Aliens: Genocide. Check it out!

06.14.04 - NEW pictures in the one shots gallery.

06.13.04 - Just uploaded NEW pictures in the movie series page, thats in the gallery page. More coming soon...

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